A weekend’s work

New design over the weekend. For a long time I’ve been playing with the idea of a design to illustrate (a+b)(a+b), (a+b)(a-b) and (a-b)(a-b). I tried several variants but none of them really had the ‘aha!’ quality that I like to characterize every design. Then a few nights ago (it usually happens at night) when I was turning the idea over, the new version came into my head and I spent the whole of Saturday refining it in Illustrator. It’s not that it’s hugely different from previous versions, just that the negative quantities are properly incorporated into the shape and there’s a consistency of method between the three illustrations that somehow makes it easier to see what’s going on. As always, the explainer on ddxart.co.uk took almost as long to create as the design itself. So that was the weekend!

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