About d/dx art


Some of the ideas and shapes behind my designs go back millennia, others came out of my head yesterday. While there may be similarities to other presentations of the same truths, everything you see here is my work, starting with a blank page and an idea. All are meant to produce that ‘aha’ moment when some piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is reality suddenly becomes clear.


Oh yes, the name

Why d/dx art?

The name is best explained to those with a little mathematical knowledge by the logo:

Which is an expression for a ‘derivative’ (and yes, there’s a design for that!). While the particular expression on paper may be new, all my designs are ‘derived’ from interesting mathematical principles.

Pythagoras 03g

OK, so I want one…

Most prints are available online in our shop…

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Framed prints can only be found at the wonderful and idiosyncratic  Malvern Gallery of Arts and Crafts, at the foot of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, or at various art festivals and sales around the West Midlands.

If you have a particular request or query, email info@ddxart.co.uk

A word of caution

If you are thinking of buying a print of one of the designs displayed on this website (and I hope you do) there is one unavoidable caveat. One of the reasons these designs work as objects of desire is the painstaking combination of colours.

The colours you are seeing on your monitor are inevitably not precisely the colours you would see if you were looking at the same design in printed form. There is simply no way around that because every computer system has it’s own slight variations when it comes to displaying colour.  All I can say is that you can be reassured that the quality of our equipment is such that colours and quality are consistent over time and the print you receive will be identical to other prints sold in galleries and art fairs to buyers who have every opportunity to handle and assess them.

You can find more on the production of the prints and the high quality materials used  here.

Where mathematics becomes an object of desire.