One ring to rule them all

ddx site catalogue -Triangles in a circle

It’s not a stained glass window for a new church – though it could be. The principle is very simple and you can find the explainer here. In a nutshell, for any three points on a plane there is one, and only one, circle which touches those three points. The reaction to that statement is often one of incredulity – ‘Rubbish, give me that piece of paper and I’ll demonstrate how to draw more than one circle. Errr…’

But it’s a fact, one of those beautiful mathematical facts that reveal the sometimes simple building blocks underlying the universe. And just because it’s a fact, if we take any of the infinite number of triangles that can be drawn within a single circle and draw perpendicular lines through the middle of their sides, all those lines will meet at one point – the centre of the circle.

And if you are looking for a stained glass window, I happen know a wonderful stained glass artist, and I could have a word with her…